Appetizers ~ Les Hors D'Oeuvres

Sliced avocado with olive oil and white balsamic vinaigrette
Proscuitto and avocado salad with white balsamic dressing
Smoked salmon with capers, sour cream and caviar, and toast
Tuna or smoked salmon sushi roll with rice or barley fillings
Mini crab cakes floating in a creamy mild chili sauce
Sweet roasted red pepper cream soup with crabmeat
Marinated grilled shrimp on a rosemary branch 
Feta, Mozzarella cheese and spinach filo spanakopita  
Millefeuille Smoked Salmon Fillo triangles
Chincoteague or Rappahannock oysters on the half-shell
with shallot & white wine mignonette

Fish ~ Les Poissons

Crab Cakes in the Frog & Redneck style
Fresh filet of Rockfish sauteed in olive oil
Soft Shelled Crabs deep fried with a dusting of barley flour and spice mix
Soft Shelled Crabs grilled with olive oil and tarragon
Steamed Virginia Blue Crabs from our own pots and Drawn Butter (seasonal)
Grilled marinated shrimp wrapped in proscuitto ham
Wild salmon sprinkled with coarse sea salt grilled over mesquite
Seared sushimi grade tuna served with wasabi & seaweed
Grilled lobster tail and drawn butter
Shrimp, broccoli and asparagus tempura

Meat ~ Les Viandes

Rack of lamb with a corn, herb and spice dressing grilled in pairs
Grilled tenderloin beef in a red wine and balsamic reduction
Tenderloin steak in a peppercorn, red wine and cream sauce
Peppercorn duck breast slow grilled over oak embers
Baby venison tenderloin grilled, sliced and served on a red wine reduction
Shallot and salsa marinated chicken breast grilled over oak embers

Desserts ~ Les Desserts

Raspberry & cranberry sorbet laced with raspberry vodka
Fresh Strawberry Souffle with Fresh Raspberries
Medley of fresh raspberries, blueberries and blackberries
Meringues, drizzled caramelized sugar and fresh raspberries
Fresh sliced fruits patissiere cream tart
Rosemary or Juniper infusion Creme Brulee
Ile flottante - soft meringue in a sea of oat milk sauce

Cheese platter: Comte, Morbier, Reblochon, Pont l'Eveque
Banana flambee in Grand Marnier and fresh whipped cream

Some of our dishes feature seasonal items whose availability may be limited.